Free Trade

Free Trade

PESA Public Policy Priority: Free Trade


North American Trade Has Strengthened the Economy

NAFTA was key to the U.S. petroleum renaissance that resulted in a 200% production increase from 2008-2018.


A unified, liberalized energy platform is critical to advancing U.S. economic growth and energy security.

Representing more than one million employees and 200 companies globally, the Petroleum Equipment and Services Association (PESA) is the trade association for the oil and gas services and supply sector. Our organization is a unified voice for the sector, advocating for cutting-edge innovation, sustainable job creation, and economic stability.

The energy sector has long benefitted from trade around the world, especially in North America. Even amid trade tensions in 2018, American energy exports to Canada and Mexico totaled nearly $60 billion, continuing a trend of growth and providing optimism for years to come. Continental trade has nearly quadrupled in the past 30 years, and healthy competition has driven technological advancement and streamlined supply chains. Further, increased continental energy independence has fortified America’s strategic stature.

Our members include integrated service providers, manufacturers, logistics companies, – multinationals and local companies alike – all committed to promoting vibrant commerce, energy security, and economic prosperity. To these ends, we support efforts to foster pro-business emphasis on fair cooperation, retention of dispute settlement mechanisms, and robust intellectual property protections. We also advocate a predictable long-term trade environment that allows for confident cooperation and dependable supply chains.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) supported the jobs of 10.3 million American jobs and more than $700 billion in wages. In 2018, mining and oil and gas manufactures alone accounted for $900 million in exports to Canada and Mexico. Reinforced by a new agreement, free continental trade can continue these benefits for many generations to come.