Rental Equipment
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Acid Gas Treating Equipment
Aerosol Lubricants and Coatings
Anaerobic Thread Locking Products
Anti-seize Compounds
Artificial Lift Systems
Automated Loading Systems
Automated Pipe Handling Systems
Automated Torque Wrenching Systems
Biofoulant Control Equipment
Bioremediation Products
Blast Joints
Blowout Preventers (BOPs)
Bolting Materials
BOP Controls
Brake Blocks
Bucking Machines
Bulk Bag Handling Systems
Bull Plugs
Burner Management Systems
Calibration Machines
Camp Buildings
Casing Jacking
Casing Patches
Castings (Foundry)
Cementing Equipment
Chart Recorders
Chemical Injection Equipment
Chemical Tracers
Chemicals - Acidizing
Chemicals - EOR
Chemicals - Industrial
Chemicals - Oil Field
Chemicals - Pipeline
Chemicals - Process
Chemicals - Production
Chemicals - Stimulation
Christmas Trees
Clamps - Rod & Pipe
Cleaner - All Purpose
Cleaner - Wireline and Slickline
Coiled Tubing
Coiled Tubing Injectors
Coiled Tubing Storage
Communication Systems
Completion Equipment and Systems
Composite Mat Systems for Access Roads and Op. Sites
Compression Packing
Compressor Parts
Compressors - Air & Accessories
Compressors - Centrifugal & Reciprocating
Compressors - Gas & Accessories
Conductor Connectors
Containers - Bulk and Intermediate Bulk
Control Panels with Graphics
Control Systems
Control Systems - Multiplexed
Coring Equipment
Coupling Stock
Couplings - Casing and Tubing
Couplings - Flow
Couplings - Pipe
Couplings - Rod
Cutters - Wire Rope, Chain, Strand, Rebar
Data Acquisition Systems
Dataplates and Nameplates
Deepwater Guidelineless Drilling Systems
Dehydration Equipment
Desalination Plants
Dewatering Equipment
Dies and Inserts
Directional Drilling Equipment
Dispersants - Oil Slick
Dope Brushes/Pail Openers
Downhole Drilling Equipment
Downhole Electrical Induction Heating Tools
Downhole Permanent Monitoring Systems - Fiber Optic
Drill Bits
Drill Bits - Air
Drill Bits - Bi-center
Drill Bits - Casing
Drill Bits - Core
Drill Bits - Geothermal
Drill Bits - Impregnated
Drill Bits - Mining
Drill Bits - Natural Diamond
Drill Bits - PDC
Drill Bits - Rock Bits
Drill Bits - Slim Hole
Drill Collars
Drill Pipe
Drill Pipe - Heavy Weight
Drilling Blocks
Drilling Fluid Mixing Systems - High Speed
Drilling Fluids (Completion & Workover) & Additives
Drilling Rigs
Drilling Tools & Motors
Dust Recovery Systems for Drilling Fluids and Cementing
Elastomer Products
Elastomeric Bearings
Electric Motors
Electrical Bus Systems
Electrical Components
Emulsion Breakers
Engine Dynamometers
Engine Emergency Shut Down Systems
Engines & Accessories
Engines - Diesel
Engines - Natural Gas
Environmental Protection Equipment
Expansion Joints
Extreme Pressure Grease
Fastener Materials - Subsea
Fasteners - Industrial
Fiberglass Pipe & Fittings
Fixed Platform Diaphragm Closures
Fixed Platform Grouting Systems
Flare Stack Igniters
Float & Stage Equipment
Flow Computers
Flow Control Equipment
Flow Measurement Equipment
Flow Measurement Equipment - Fiber Optic
Flow Measurement Equipment - Sonar
Flowline Connections
Fluids Sampling Equipment
Fluids Testing Systems
Forged Drill Pipe
Forged Steel Fittings
Forgings - Alloy Steel
Forgings - Carbon Steel
Forgings - Stainless Steel
Fracturing Tools
Fuel, Oils and Lubricants
Gas Compressor Valves - Unloaders
Gas Flotation Systems
Gas Production Units
Gasoline Dispensors
Gathering Systems
Gear Reducers
Geophysical Equipment
Helicopter Refuelling System
Hex Nuts - Heavy
High Pressure Pumping Equipment
Hole Openers & Reamers
Horizontal Drilling Equipment
Hot Rolled Steel Coils
Hot Tap Systems
Hydrated Lime
Hydraulic Power Units
Incinerator Management Systems
Injection Molded Plastics
Instrument Enclosures
Integrated Process Systems
Jars - Drilling & Fishing
Keypads and Touchscreens - Ruggedized
Lay Barge Equipment
Lift Boats
Light Towers
Line Pipe
Linear Motion Shakers
Liner Hangers
Living Quarters
Living Quarters - Offshore
Load Units for Nitrogen Vaporization Equipment
Maintenance Products
Make/Break Machines
Marine Construction Products
Marine Fendering
Marine Riser Flex Joints
Mast Raising Lines
Mechanical Seals & Packing
Membrane Systems
Metering Systems
Meters - Custody Transfer
Meters - Flow
Meters - Gas
Milling Tools - Downhole
Mobile Safe Rooms/Storm Shelters
Moly Grease Lubricant
Motion Compensators
Motor Controllers - Variable Speed
Mud Cleaning Equipment
Mud Motors
Mud Systems
Mudline Suspension Equipment
Natural Gas Compressor Packages
Nipples - Seamless A106
Nipples - Swage
Nitrogen Equipment
Offshore Cargo and Waste Equipment
Offshore Drilling & Production Equipment
Offshore Mooring Systems
Offshore Service Vessels
Offshore Specialty Vessels
Offshore Supply Vessels
Oilfield Metals - Tube and Bar
Oilfield Trucks
Operator Cabins
Orifice Fittings and Meter Rubs
Overhead (Top Drive) Drilling Systems
Pack-Off Equipment
Packer Parts
Packers & Service Tools
Packing - Injectable
Packings & Seals - Molded
Perforating Tools
Pickup/Laydown Units
Pigging Systems
Pile Grippers
Pipe Bending Equipment
Pipe Handling Equipment
Pipe Recovery Systems
Pipeline Automatic Welding Equipment
Pipeline Cleaning Equipment
Pipeline Products
Plastic Products
Plunger Lift Equipment
Pods - Multiplex
Pods - Piloted
Point of Sale Systems
Power Cable
Power Generation
Power Swivels
Power Tongs
Prefabricated Housing
Premium Connections (Tubulars)
Pressure Control Equipment
Pressure Vessels
Processing Equipment (Field)
Production Automation Systems
Production Equipment
Pump Accessories
Pump Fluid End Expendables
Pumping Tees
Pumping Units
Pumps - Centrifugal
Pumps - Drilling
Pumps - Fracturing
Pumps - Geothermal
Pumps - High Pressure Plunger
Pumps - Hydraulic
Pumps - Injection
Pumps - Mud
Pumps - Multiphase
Pumps - Progressing Cavity
Pumps - Submersible
Pumps - Sucker Rod
Pumps - Vacuum
Pumps - Well Service
Pumps - Well Stimulation
Pup Joints - Tubing & Casing
Radioactive Tracers
Regulators - Back-Pressure
Remediation Supplies
Repair Sleeves
RFID Solutions - Industrial, Embedded, On-Metal
Rig Equipment
Rig Savers
Rig Wash Cleaners and Degreasers
Rig Wrench Backups
Riser Connectors
Riser Pipe
Rod Clamps - Polished
Rod Guides (Sucker Rods)
Rod Hooks
Rod Rotators
Rods - Polished
Rods - Pony
Rotary Steerable Systems
Rotary Tables
Rubber Products
Rupture Discs
S C R Drives
Safety Clamps & Cables
Safety Clothing
Safety Equipment
Sand Control Equipment
Scada Systems
Screens - Prepack Well
Screens - Separator
Sealing Systems for Drilling & Completion Equipment
Secondary Containment Basins
Seismic Data Acquisition System - Fiber Optic In-well
Seismic Data Sales
Sensor Systems - Fiber Optic
Separation Equipment
Separation Equipment - Air and Hydrocyclone
Separation Equipment - Electrostatic
Setting Tools
Shear Tool
Shock Absorbers & Subs
Sinker Bars
Slimhole Drilling Systems
Software - Geoscience
Specialized Industrial Lighting
Stabbing Guides
Steam Traps
Steam Turbines & Gas Turbines
Steel - Carbon and Low Alloy
Stimulation Equipment
Storage Compounds
Stuffing Boxes
Subsea Production Systems
Subsea Umbilicals
Subsurface Production Equipment
Subsurface Service Tools & Bridge Plugs
Sucker Rods - Fiberglass
Sucker Rods - Steel
Swabbing Equipment
Tanks - Production & Storage
Telemetry Automation Systems
Testing Equipment
Thermo Wells
Thread Compounds - Drilling & Production
Thread Locking Kits
Thread Lubricants
Thread Protectors
Threaded Bar
Thru Tubing Tools
Tong Positioning Systems
Tooljoints - Drill Pipe
Tooljoints - Tubing Premium
Top Drives
Top Entry Access Systems (TEAS)
Top Entry Subs (TES/A-TES)
Trailers - Custom Installations
Trailers - Specialty Equipment
Trenchless Drilling Equipment
Truck Bodies - Oilfield
Tubing - Insulated
Tubing - Mechanical/Specialty
Tubing and Casing Thread Sealants
Tubing Blocks
Tubing Conveyed Perforating Equipment
Tubular Fittings & Accessories
Tubulars - Solid Expandable
Tubulars - Structural Steel
Valves - Ball
Valves - Boiler Trim
Valves - Butterfly
Valves - Check
Valves - Control
Valves - Differential Dump Kill
Valves - Fuel Control
Valves - Gas Lift
Valves - Gate
Valves - Geothermal
Valves - Globe
Valves - High Performance Rotary
Valves - Hygienic
Valves - Instrument and Manifolds
Valves - Kelly/Safety
Valves - Metal Seated Rotary & Ball
Valves - Needle
Valves - Pig
Valves - Pipeline
Valves - Plug
Valves - Polyethylene for Chemical Applications
Valves - Polyethylene for Gas Distribution
Valves - Polyethylene for Potable Water
Valves - Pressure-Relief
Valves - Pump Protection
Valves - Rotary Selector
Valves - Safety Relief
Valves - Seam Control
Valves - Subsurface Safety
Valves - Switchover (SSV)
Valves - Trunnion Mounted Ball
VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) - AC Drive Systems
Water Control Equipment
Water Treating Equipment
Water Well Supplies
Waterflood Equipment
Well Reentry Equipment
Well Servicing Products
Well Servicing Tools
Wellhead - Geothermal
Wellhead Control & Safety Systems
Wellhead Equipment
Wellsite Fluid Handling Equipment
Wiper Plugs
Wire Rope
Wireline Equipment
Wireline Pressure Control Equipment
Wireline Servicing Units
Workover and Completion Rigs
Workover Equipment
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Accelerating Acceptance of New Technology
Acidizing Services
Air Drilling
Analysis - Core
Analysis - Reservoir
Annual/Programmatic Certification Process
Automated Corrosion Mapping
Ball Drop Completion Services
Blowout Control
BOP Repair
Bucking Services
Case Management Applicaiton
Cement Lining
Cementing Services
Chemical Division
Client Advisory Boards
Closing Unit Field Service
Coiled Tubing Services
Combustion/Burner Tuning Services
Commissioning and Decommisioning Services
Competitor Assessments
Comprehensive Compliance Reporting Dashboard
Construction Services
Construction Services - Road Beds and Pads
Contractors - Environmental
Contractors - General
Coring Services
Corporate Data and Asset Management
Corporate Finance Advisory
Corporate Governance Program Development
Corporate Valuations
Corrosion Protection
Crating and Packing
Crisis Management
Custom Compounding
Customer Satisfaction Assessments
Customs Brokerage
Cutting - Abrasive Water Jet
Cutting - Conductor
Cutting - Diamond Wire
Cutting - Guillotine Saw
Cutting - Mechanical
Cutting - Pile
Data Management
Data Processing/Analysis
Deep Hole Boring, Drilling, Honing
Directional Drilling Services
Disposal Wells
Diving Services
Downhole Surveys
Drilling and Workover Rig Repair
Drilling Waste Minimization
Drillstem Testing
Dual Gradient Drilling
Due Diligence
Dynamometer Analysis
E&P Project Interpretation & Analysis
E-Commerce Standardization and Facilitation
Electrical Rig Design
Electrical Rig-Up Services
Engineering - Critical Seal Component
Engineering Services
Environmental Cleanup
Environmental Remediation
Environmentally Managed Pits
Equipment Rental
Equipment Repair
Ethics and Compliance Training
Exploration Services
Facilities Installation, Operations & Maintenance
Fairness Opinions
Field Processing/Storage
Fire Fighting & Fire Protection
Fishing - Thru Tubing
Fishing Services
Flow Control Product Recertification
Flow Control Product Refurbishment
Fluid Measurement
Fluids Treatment
Foam Circulation
Frac Tank Rental
Frac Valve Rental
Fracturing Services
Fraud Investigation and Prevention
Freepoint & Back Off Services
Freight Forwarding/International Logistics
Gas Compression Services
Gas Detection
Gas Lift
Gas Treatment & Conditioning
Geologic Evaluation
Geosteering Services
Gravel Pack Services
Gyro and Magnetic Wellbore Surveys
Handling Equipment Rental
Heat Treating
High Pressure Metal-to-Metal Sealing
High Pressure Pumping Services & Equipment
Honing, Grinding and Polishing
Horizontal Drilling Services
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Hotline Application
Information and Analysis
Inspection Services - Bottom Hole Tool
Inspection Services - Pipeline
Inspection Services - Tubulars
Integrated Supply
Intervention Pressure Control Services
Investment Banking
Investment Management
IP Search
Laboratory Services
Leak Detection Services
Logging Services
Machine Shop Facility
Magazine Publishing
Management Consulting
Marine Construction Services
Marine Crane Services
Marine Riser Repair and Services
Marine Vessel Conversion, Upgrading
Maring Vessel Repair
Market Data and Research
Materials Management
Merger and Acquisition Advisory
Metal Fabrication with Graphics
Metallurgical Testing
Milling Services
Mud Logging/Analysis
Multi-Lateral Completions
Multi-Well Reservoir Studies
Network Management
Nitrogen Services
OCTG Processing
Offshore Abandonments - Abrasive Cutting Systems
Offshore Abandonments - Debris Positioning
Offshore Grouting Services
Offshore Rig Conversion, Upgrading
Offshore Rig Fabrication
Offshore Rig Repair
Offshore Survey & Geotechnical Engineering
Offshore Surveys (Position, Rig Moves, Pipeline, Hazard)
Oil Well Optimization
Operations Performance Benchmarking
Patch Setting Services
Patent Gap Analysis
Perforating Services
Performance Enhancement
Phosphate Coating
Pile-Driving Services
Pipe Bending
Pipe Coating
Pipe Cutting & Beveling
Pipe Inspection
Pipe Storage & Transportation
Pipeline Construction
Pipeline Pressure Testing
Pit Closure
Plant & Facility Construction
Plating - Electroless Nickel
Plunger Lift Services
Portable CMM Services
Pressure Detection
Pressure Testing
Private Capital Placements
Product Development Improvement
Production Management Services
Production Operations Training
Production Testing
Project Management
Public and Private Equity and Debt Financing
Publications - Technical
Pump Repair
Pumping Services
Pumping Units - Engineering Service
Pumping Units - Field Service
Pumping Units - Portable Rental
Quench Polish Quench (QPQ)
Real Time Wireless Data Transmission
Research & Development Services
Reservoir Analysis
Rig Instrumentation
Riser Buoyancy Repair and Services
Risk Assessment Services
Roustabout & Trucking Services
Roustabout Services
Sand Control Services
Security Consulting
Seismic Instrumentation
Seismic Services
Seismic While Drilling
Setting Tool Rental
Shock Tool Rental
Shorebase Management
Shorebase Services
Site Preparation
Software Training
Solids Control
Sonic Logging & Evaluation
Spray Coatings
Stimulation Logging/Tagging
Stimulation Services
Stuck Pipe Analysis
Subcontract Manufacturing - Surface/Subsea Equipment
Sucker Rod Pump Optimization
Sucker Rod Pump Repair
Sucker Rod String Design
Sucker Rod System Analysis
Supply Chain Improvement
Supply Chain Management
Surplus Asset Disposition
Swabbing Services
System Implementation and Integration
Tank/Container Certification
Tank/Container Cleaning
Technical Field Services
Third Party Logistics - 3PL
Threading - OCTG
Threading - Tubing and Casing Accessories
Thru Tubing Tool Rental
Trade Facilitation and Procurement
Training - Medical & Safety
Training - Well Control
Transportation, Logistics, Freight Carrier
Trenchless Drilling Services
Trucking Services
Trucking Services - Rig Moving
Tubing Conveyed Perforating Services
Tubular Facility Installation
Tubular Inventory Management
Tubular Services
Underbalanced Drilling Services
Underwater Services
Vacuum Truck Services
Vendor Inventory Management
Warehouse Management
Water Control Services
Web and Mobile Technologies
Well Control
Well Planning
Well Remediation Services
Well Testing and Flowback Services
Well Workover Services
Wellhead Isolation Services
Wellsite Drilling
White Papers
Window Milling Services
Wireline - Fishing Services
Wireline - Perforating
Wireline - Production Logging
Wireline Logging/Analysis
Wireline Perforating
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Coring Equipment
Equipment Rental
Frac Tank Rental
Frac Valve Rental
Handling Equipment Rental
Pumping Units - Portable Rental
Pumps - Mud with Cat Engine
Setting Tool Rental
Shock Tool Rental
Thru Tubing Tool Rental
Wireline Equipment
Wireline Pressure Control Equipment
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AF Global Corporation
Nearly 40 manufacturing facilities, offices in five countries on 4 continents, and thousands of employees worldwide- to us, that's just the starting line. At AFGlobal we're not only driven to expand our geographic footprint, but to further extend our turnkey product offerings in key end markets such as oil and gas, aerospace, power generation, industrial, transportation- and beyond.
Affirm Oilfield Services LLC
Airis Wellsite Services
Airis' services focus on protecting and improving the wellsite environment by providing frac sand dust control solutions.
AlixPartners LLP
AlixPartners is a leading global business advisory firm of results-oriented professionals who specialize in creating value and restoring performance at every stage of the business life cycle. We thrive on our ability to make a difference in high-impact situations and deliver sustainable, bottom-line results.
All-Pro Fasteners, Inc.
All-Pro Fasteners, Inc. is a full-line, full-service fastener company that manufactures and distributes a complete line of bolts, nuts, washers, screws and fastener related components throughout the United States. With decades of extensive product knowledge and industry-specific expertise, our dedicated account managers teamed with our product specialists can pinpoint the answers that have the most impact for your purchasing needs. APF offers services that efficiently eliminate production down-time, lower product costs and reduce in-house inventory while satisfying our customers JIT needs.
Alpine Polytech, LLC
Polymer testing and development laboratory focused on the Oil & Gas upstream business. 90% of our business is in the Drilling/Evaluation, completion/Production segments of the oil & gas market.
ARIES Worldwide Logistics
Since our inception in 1984, Aries Worldwide Logistics has specialized in handling both domestic and international time sensitive shipments. Our goal then was to build a business by providing our customers with quality, cost effective and dependable transportation services. With the foundation of our past, the goal today focuses on providing the highest standard of service and quality worldwide while setting the bar by which all other independent transportation and logistics companies are measured.
ASRC Energy Services
ASRC Energy Services provides high value chain services to the oil and gas industry. Our services span pipeline construction, sub sea fabrication, engineering, permitting and environmental compliance, well stimulation, and operations.
Atlas Tubular
OCTG Tubing & Casing - new and used
Auge Industrial
With over 45 years of experience, AUGE is the expert in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide variety of commercial and specialty alloy fasteners, including intricate machined components. Our passion for excellence has driven us to become a global supplier for the oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, wind power industries, and for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
Aztec Tubular Products
Today's rapidly evolving oil and gas production environments demand equipment designed for maximum corrosion resistance, bending tolerance and torsional strength. With decades of experience, AZZ delivers rugged solutions engineered to perform within the most hostile applications. With a full-line of ruggedly produced macaroni tubing, pup joints and custom services, AZZ has earned an unmatched reputation for quality, versatility, performance and customer service.
B&L Pipeco Services
B&L Pipeco Services, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, is the result of a merger between B&L Supply (est. 1935), and Pipeco Services (est. 1982). While each of our legacy companies benefited from experienced leadership, excellent customer and mill relationships and a service oriented approach, we determined that by joining forces we could create a platform that would offer even greater value to our customers in this new age of oil and gas drilling.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
A top-tier oilfield service company with a century-long track record, Baker Hughes delivers solutions that help oil and gas operators make the most of their reservoirs.
Basic Energy Services
From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf Coast and California to the Appalachian Region and beyond, Basic Energy Services provides outstanding customer support, operating excellence and industry knowledge to ensure reliable and consistent performance. We have the experience, expertise and infrastructure to support the most diverse range of oilfield needs. Wherever we operate, we stand by our customers, and the work we do.
Bell Supply
Big E Drilling
BJ Services Company, U.S.A.
BJ Services Company is a leading worldwide provider of pressure pumping and oilfield services for the petroleum industry. Pressure pumping services consist of cementing and stimulation services used in the completion of new oil and natural gas wells and in remedial work on existing wells, both onshore and offshore. Oilfield services include completion tools, completion fluids, casing and tubular services, production chemical services, and precommissioning, maintenance and turnaround services in the pipeline and process business, including pipeline inspection.
Bold Production Services
Boyden Global Executive Search
We serve a multicultural client base that encompasses mature markets, emerging economies and developing markets across the globe. Our clients include transnational, multinational, and global companies; entrepreneur-led organizations; small- and medium- sized enterprises, as well as not-for-profit organisations. Because of our global perspective and local knowledge, we create teams exceptionally able to meet client requirements.
Brookfield Asset Management
Brookfield Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager with ~$260 billion of assets under management. The private equity business (Brookfield Capital Partners) possesses more than three decades of experience, and our latest fund, Brookfield Capital Partners IV, held its final close in June of this year with an aggregate of $4 billion of equity commitments. A large portion of our capital is or will be allocated to oil field services and manufacturing investments. I will support our efforts within the energy complex and be operating out of Houston
C&J Energy Services, Inc.
C&J Energy Services is a leading provider of well construction, well completions and well services to the oil and gas industry.
Cameron, A Schlumberger Company
Cameron's products include a wide range of pressure control and rig systems for onshore and offshore drilling; land and platform production systems for conventional and unconventional applications; separation, processing, and treatment systems; subsea production and processing systems; measurement systems; and a wide variety of valves and actuators. In addition, Cameron's life-of-field services help our customers to manage assets and optimize recovery.
Catalyst Pumps
Caterpillar Oil & Gas
Caterpillar's legacy of industry leadership dates back to 1925. We have a global footprint with product in more than 180 countries. Caterpillar is a Fortune 50 company and one of the 30 companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. We are among Interbrand's Top 100 Global Brands and recognized as one of Barron's World's Most Respected Companies. More than 300 products make up the most diverse product line in the industry. We work in industries that provide long-term economic value: commodities (mining, oil and gas); infrastructure (heavy construction, rail, paving, quarry and aggregate); and building construction (residential, commercial, standby power, industrial engines and forestry).
CDI Energy Products
CDI Energy Products is a division of Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies- a part of the Global Group Fenner. With nearly 40 years of experience, CDI is an industry leader in the custom design, engineering, and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance polymeric seals, sealing elements, and ancillary metal components for the oil and gas industry. We leverage our experience to provide solutions to our customers' unique applications. Drawing on a broad scope of advanced materials knowledge along with extensive machining and molding capabilities allows our engineering team to develop the best solution per application. Our multiple regional offices allow us to partner with clients worldwide to produce unique, high performance solutions for the energy industry.
Chickasaw Distributors, Inc.
Chickasaw provides integrated supply chain management of Oil Country Tubular Goods and services to major oil companies and large independents, both offshore and onshore, through its Total Tubular Management program where Chickasaw's team of highly qualified, experienced personnel are responsible for the total supply chain management of OCTG from providing mill lead times and forecasting guidance to mill order placement through the inspection, threading, coating, and multiple other key services including providing accessories and transportation to the well site.
Consolidated Pressure Control, LLC
Consolidated Pressure Control (CPC) provides new and refurbished pressure control systems for use in blow out prevention systems to oil and gas drilling companies. CPC's products consist of accumulator systems, support pumps and valves, while services include related maintenance and field support. CPC also has the capability to remanufacture and service existing pressure control systems as well as design project-specific well control systems. This unique capability provides CPC with an advantage over its competition in that CPC is able to repair and remanufacture not only its own proprietary equipment but also many of its competitors' products. CPC also manufactures and stocks replacement parts to service its customers and offers field service and technical support.
Credit Suisse, LLC
Provides investment banking services and analysis across the energy industry.
Cudd Energy Services
An experienced service company with a reputation for safe, professional, and reliable performance, Cudd Energy Services (CES) delivers superior performance combined with the latest technologies for a wide range of completion, production, and workover services in onshore and offshore environments.
Diesel and natural gas powered engines through wide HP range in various oil and gas applictions.
Cyclone Steel Services, LLC
Cyclone Steel, in business since 1979, serves an ever‐growing clientele of engineering, manufacturing, fabricating and machining firms in multiple industries and states. Most importantly, we have earned an industry‐wide reputation for reliability in providing properly documented flame‐cut steel plate parts to both our customers' and industry specifications. Our expertise in plate processing includes rolling, forming, machining and other value added work, allowing us to supply early‐stage or turnkey parts meeting a variety of customer requirements.
DistributionNOW is an industry-leading provider of pipe, valves and valve automation, fittings, mill and industrial supplies, tools, safety products, and artificial lift systems to the upstream, midstream, and downstream and industrial markets. We are also recognized as a leading supply chain solutions company providing value-added services, including supply chain management, project management, and e-commerce solutions. Our associates are the best in the business, with extensive knowledge, broad experience, and a thorough understanding of our customers' process and business drivers.
Dover Artificial Lift
Dover Energy
Dover is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenues approaching $7.5 billion. We deliver innovative equipment and components, specialty systems and support services through four major operating segments: Energy, Engineered Systems, Fluids, and Refrigeration & Food Equipment. Dover combines global scale with operational agility to lead the markets we serve. Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach for 60 years, our team of over 26,000 employees takes an ownership mindset, collaborating with customers to redefine what's possible.
Dover Energy Automation
Duff & Phelps
Duff & Phelps is the premier global valuation and corporate finance advisor with expertise in complex valuation, disputes and investigations, M&A, real estate, restructuring, and compliance and regulatory consulting. Our clients include publicly traded and privately held companies, law firms, government entities and investment organizations such as private equity firms and hedge funds. We also advise the world’s leading standard setting bodies on valuation issues and best practices. Duff & Phelps’ more than 2,000 professionals are located in over 70 offices in 20 countries around the world. Our team differentiates ourselves in our commitment to question assumptions, be the independent eye, critically analyze facts and tell our clients what they need to know to make sound decisions. Duff & Phelps cuts through complexity and creates clarity for our clients to ensure compliance, reduce risk, overcome emerging challenges and enhance value.
Eastham Forge, Inc.
Over 100 years of service and experience serving the Oil & Gas Industry. Today Eastham Forge, Inc. continues to supply forgings from 25 lbs. to 25,000 lbs. in a wide variety of sizes and configurations in Carbon, Alloy, Stainless, Duplex, Super Duplex, High Temperature and Corrosion Resistant Nickel Alloys. Eastham Forge, Inc. continues to invest in capital equipment including a new heat treat and machine shop as well as a 7,500 Ton Hydraulic Press (currently under development / will increase our product offerings to 40,000 lbs.) to complement our 5,000 lb. & 10,000 lb. Steam Hammers along with our 1,600 Ton & 3,000 Ton Hydraulic Presses and 220 Ton Vertical Ring Mill. Whether it’s Open-Die, Impression Die or Rolled rings; Eastham Forge, Inc. has the Forging Solution.
Elite Multiphase Solutions, LLC
EMS provides pumping solutions for unconventional wells. The patented V-Pump reduces a well's total cost of ownership with its wide operating range, tolerance for solids and handling of gas and high temperatures. The company is based in Stafford, Texas.
Ellwood Group, Inc.
Ellwood Group, Incorporated is a family of over nine business units and twenty-five manufacturing locations throughout North America; all dedicated to producing and marketing high-quality, engineered, heavy metal sections. Through continued growth and acquisition, EGI has become a powerhouse of vertically integrated companies. Starting with steelmaking, they forge, heat treat, test, clad/fabricate, finish machine and coat products that are ready for assembly. EGI can provide the products that you require in any state of manufacturing completion. There is no need to look anywhere else!
Endurance Lift
Energes Oilfield Solutions
Energy Alloys
We are the global provider of oilfield metals solutions to the energy industry
Energy Fishing & Rental Services
Energy Fishing and Rental Services, Inc. was established and incorporated on January 6, 2005. The company officers alone have a combined total of over 87 years experience in the oilfield, with 77 years of direct experience in Fishing and Downhole Intervention. Our primary goals are to provide exceptional services and quality equipment, with an emphasis on maintaining a safety oriented work environment. This, along with decades of the combined knowledge and practical downhole experience of our fishing tool supervisors and operations support staff, help re-duce downtime and cost to our customers.
Enventure Global Technology Inc.
Innovators of Solid Expandable Technology: Field-proven well construction and well intervention solutions. Houston-based Enventure Global Technology, Inc., the world's leading provider of solid expandable solutions for the energy industry, innovated the technology to expand pipe in pipe in 1998, when it introduced SET® technology to solve drilling, completion and production issues that threatened a well's potential value and the oil and gas operator's return on investment.
Express Bolt & Gasket
Finkl Steel
Open die forgings
First Reserve Corporation
First Reserve is the largest global private equity investment firm exclusively focused on energy. With over 30 years of industry insight, investment expertise and operational excellence, the Firm has cultivated an enduring network of global relationships and raised more than USD $30 billion of aggregate capital since inception. Putting these to work, First Reserve has completed more than 550 transactions (including platform investments and add-on acquisitions) on six continents.
Flexitallic Group, Inc.
The Flexitallic approach to safety is more than a program it's a way of doing business that started in 1912. We believe our commitment to innovate, customize and educate adds another level of protection to our customers' operations.
Forged Products, Inc.
Given our ability to make large forgings up to 55,000 pounds and unique ability to produce large back extrusions, we have been able to meet our customer needs in the oil patch, heat transfer, marine products, hydro-electric turbine and generators shaft industries, and expand into others as well. Forged Products Inc. offers you a comprehensive spectrum of manufacturing services required to provide you a finished component or one ready for your proprietary finishing processes.
Forum Energy Technologies
Forum Energy Technologies (FET) was formed in the summer of 2010 in a five-way merger among Forum Oilfield Technologies, Triton Group, Subsea Services International, Global Flow Technologies and Allied Technology. Since then we have grown through acquisition and organically. Today, we're over 3,500 employees strong and still growing, going places none of us could have reached alone. We are a global oilfield products company, serving the subsea, drilling, completion, production and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas industry. Our products include highly engineered capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in the drilling, well construction, production and transportation of oil and natural gas.Forum is headquartered in Houston, Texas with manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located around the globe.
Fox Metals & Alloys
Fox is a value added distributor of alloy, carbon, and stainless bar and plate products
Freemyer Industrial Pressure LP
Freemyer Industrial Pressure provides the world's highest quality Oil and Gas Well Service Equipment, while setting the industry standard in providing Expert Equipment Service. FIP is a provider of new and used Oilfield Frac equipment and Cementing equipment. At Freemyer Industrial Pressure, we believe our long term success is directly tied to that of our customers. With that in mind, everything we do is done with the sole goal of making our customers as successful as possible
Galtway Industries
With a specialty in open die forgings and turn key machining solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry, our experience rises to the challenge of today's manufacturing environment. Whether you are manufacturing Fluid End Blocks in the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry, or Blow Out Preventers in the Sub Sea Market, our supply chain solutions are built around providing you with the tools you need to meet and exceed your goals. Galtway Industries has offices in the Barnett Shale of Fort Worth, TX, and offices directly in Houston, TX.
Gardner Denver, Inc.
Gardner Denver, founded in 1859, is a global manufacturer of industrial compressors, blowers, pumps, loading arms and fuel systems. The Company has 40 manufacturing facilities located in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific with offices in 33 different countries. The Company believes its major products and brands are leaders within the industries it serves.
GE Oil & Gas
At GE Oil & Gas, we fuel the future. We came into the industry over 20 years ago and, through both strategic acquisitions - starting with Nuovo Pignone in 1994 - and continuous growth, have positioned ourselves as one of the world's leading equipment and services' providers in the oil and gas space. With unique capabilities across the entire value chain - from oil and gas drilling equipment and subsea systems, to turbomachinery solutions and downstream processing - we are neither upstream nor downstream; we are fullstream.
GEC Advisors LLC
Global Energy Capital invests growth capital in private energy services companies. GEC often invests equity in a company providing oil and gas drilling and production services, equipment manufacturing, transportation, logistics and related services and technologies.
General Plastics & Composites
We manufacture engineered components and turnkey products - including composites, elastomers and/or metal - for oilfield service companies worldwide.
GR Energy Services
GR Energy Services provides wireline logging and perforating services and artificial lift solutions. GR Energy is committed to lowering oil and gas company operational risk and total cost of operations. Our goal is to help our customers safely deliver a more profitable well.
Greene's Energy Group, LLC
A leading provider of integrated testing, rentals and specialty services for drilling, production, pipeline, construction and process operations, Greene's Energy Group offers tools and services to improve productivity onshore and offshore. Serving customers in drilling, production, pipeline, rig and platform construction, well intervention and process industries, the company has a top-notch reputation in the energy service arena.
Gulf Publishing Company/World Oil
Founded in 1916, Gulf Publishing Company produces and distributes leading trade journals, industry research, databases, software, publications, conferences and events designed for the needs of the energy industry. Gulf Publishing Company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices throughout the globe. Our two flagship publications are Hydrocarbon Processing and World Oil.
Gyrodata Incorporated
Gyro surveying, including gyro well drilling, directional drilling, including RSS, mud and mud motors.
Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. With more than 75,000 employees, representing 140 nationalities in over 80 countries, the company serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir - from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production through the life of the field.
Hart Energy
Hart Energy provides specialized data/information products and member-only services to targeted audiences worldwide and ranks among the leading providers of news, data and analysis for the global energy industry. Hart Energy clients derive from the energy industry, the financial and investment community, engineering and automotive industries, utilities, leading NGOs and the world's major governments.
HDI Guages
HP/HT, Controls and Instrumentation Class 1 Div 1
Holland 1916
To continue to improve our customer responsiveness, Holland 1916 Inc. formed four operating companies: Holland Nameplate Inc.: a manufacturer of nameplates Holland Interface Solutions Inc.: a manufacturer of membrane switches, touchscreens, elastomeric switches, labels, and overlays Holland Integrated Metal Solutions Inc.: a manufacturer of operator cabs, consoles, enclosures, panels, metal fabrication and electro-mechanical assemblies Holland RFID: a manufacturer of durable RFID solutions We strive to continue the tradition of our Founder Lou Holland in providing innovative solutions to our customers.
Hoover Ferguson
Hoover Group, Inc. is an integrated service provider of chemical tanks, cargo carrying units, and other related products and services to the global energy, petrochemical and general industrial end markets. The company provides its customers with comprehensive liquid and cargo containment solutions as well as a range of complementary services including cleaning, refurbishment, remote tracking and recertification. Hoover was founded in 1911 and today has a rental fleet of over 60,000 units consisting of various chemical tanks and cargo carrying units. Hoover has been a First Reserve portfolio company since January 2015.
Hunting Energy Services
Hunting provides products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry. Sales and service operations are located in the major oil centres of the world, comprising over eighty company owned facilities and a network of more than sixty licensed partners. From this global footprint, the company’s sales, service, manufacturing and threading locations can meet virtually any customer requirement with a full range of applications above and below the wellhead.
Industrial Tax Consulting
Industrial Tax Consulting (ITC) is a premier leader in providing proactive property tax consulting services to the energy industry on a nationwide basis. Our offices focus on capitalizing on rapidly-changing market conditions and constant technological advancements to minimize property tax exposure by pursuing tax reduction opportunities and securing tax incentives. We represent diversified industries, including energy, chemicals, utilities, pipelines, cementing, offshore, oil field services, and industrial manufacturing. Industrial Tax Consulting is located in major cities throughout the United States and is supported by strategic partnerships with recognized industry leaders, providing our clients the competitive advantage required to flourish in today’s ever-changing environment.
InfoChip LP
Integral Oilfield Solutions
Integral Oilfield Solutions is a global leader in oilfield equipment, supplies and services. Established in 1999, we have been dedicated to providing the energy marketplace with the missing link in oilfield customer service. We bring our clients high-value solutions built upon a solid reputation for quality products and integrity. With an extensive standard product list, we can craft customized solutions to meet your unique requirements.
Integrated Equipment, Inc.
IronGate Energy Services, LLC
Rental Services: IronGate Energy Services supplies an extensive range of conventional, premium and specialized rental equipment for both onshore and offshore operations throughout North America. Tubular Services: IronGate Energy Services deploys specialized equipment and operators to perform a variety of pipe handling services including: installing casing and tubing, breaking out drill pipe, retrieving production tubing for both onshore and offshore drilling and workover operations.
JDR Cable Systems Ltd.
JDR is a leading provider of technology connecting the global offshore energy industry. Our products and services enable vital control and power delivery to offshore oil, gas and renewable energy systems. The world's major energy companies and subsea service providers depend on high performance subsea control umbilicals and subsea power cables that operate in the world's harshest offshore environments. JDR invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, technology and people to deliver these world-class subsea products.
Jet-Lube, Inc.
At Jet-Lube our primary concern is our customers' needs. Everything from raw materials to packaging are chosen to ensure the highest quality of product, and our people are trained and supported to provide the best in customer service. Our goal is to uphold and continually improve the high standards in innovation, manufacturing and product and service satisfaction we have maintained for over 65 years.
JV Blackhorse Pumps
Keane Group
Hydraulic Fracturing/Engineering Solutions/Wireline Technologies/Bolted Tubing/Nitrogen Units
Key Energy Services, Inc.
More. It's what drives the oilfield to push harder, work faster and think bigger. Key has set the pace in the industry and has evolved into a modern solutions-oriented company with more resources to keep the oilfield running efficiently. When you work with Key, you always get more. The best trained people. The best equipment. The best technology. From drilling and completion, to production, to abandonment, it's how Key is bringing more efficiency to the field.
KPMG is the global network of professional services firms whose aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, our people and the capital markets.
KW International
Lazard Freres
Services primarily with institutional clients
Li Gear
Li Gear, based in Chicago, is a leading manufacturer of gears, gearboxes, and precision machined components for heavy industries, including the oil and gas industry. The company is an innovative, complete supply chain solution for high-quality industrial gearing and precision parts, and adds value throughout the manufacturing process.
Lockton Marine & Energy
Lockton's Marine & Energy practice is entirely focused on servicing the unique and changing needs of the energy industry. Lockton Marine & Energy serves their clients in each region with a broad range of in-house resources that create and drive business solutions; and, in terms of premium income to energy insurers, Lockton is considered by key domestic and international markets to be the critical trading partner. Lockton consistently produces more competitive risk financing options and positive claims settlements for its clients.
LoneStar Group
LoneStar Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of high performance fasteners, sealing and precision engineered components to the world's energy markets.
LTR provides its customers with solutions for site lighting, power generation, fluid handling, water management, well site heating, and other ancillary equipment. LTR was one of the first oilfield rental companies to become a leader in the Natural Gas Generator market, which uses well head gas to power the location, providing cost effective solutions for power generation.
Lucchini Mame Forge S.p.A.
Manufacture and supply of open-die steel forgings, small to large sizes in various steel grades. Some product examples are: BOP, valve bodies, bonnets, master valve block, frac blocks, clamps
M&M Forgings
M&M International
Family owned OEM specializing in high-pressure kelly valves, safety valves, top drive valves, and inside BOP valves. Also, subs, swivels, cement heads, and specialty equipment.
Master Flo Valve (USA) Inc.
Master Flo Valve Inc. is a technological leader and world-class manufacturer of surface and subsea chokes, specialty control valves and supporting actuation. Privately-owned, proudly independent, and upholding a vision of excellence, our company structure offers the flexibility to adapt to ever-evolving market needs and developments, quickly and efficiently, providing you with the level of commitment you expect from a critical component supplier.
McGriff, Seibels & Williams
McGriff, Seibels & Williams' primary objective is to achieve the optimum balance between risk retention and risk transfer in the current market, and therefore lower our clients’ total cost of risk; To be the market leaders in Risk Management solutions with a proven reputation for delivering creative, innovative products, and superior services that enhance our clients’ operations and assist them to exceed their objectives; To build and maintain a professional, personable, and fun culture that promotes creativity and excellence, which attracts and retains clients, employees, and trading partners; To ensure that integrity and honesty are never compromised.
Minco Inc has been a world class manufacturer of custom precision equipment to the oil and gas industry since 1978. The team of vastly experienced Minco machinists operate high speed multiple axis CNC machining centers for quick turnaround delivery on complex large diameter parts. Our expertise in turnkey projects and diligence using the Phillip Crosby quality initiatives has helped Minco provide customers peace of mind and exceptional value for over 30 years.
Minco Machine & Clad Welding
Minco Inc has been a world class manufacturer of custom precision equipment to the oil and gas industry since 1978. The team of vastly experienced Minco machinists operate high speed multiple axis CNC machining centers for quick turnaround delivery on complex large diameter parts. Our expertise in turnkey projects and diligence using the Phillip Crosby quality initiatives has helped Minco provide customers peace of mind and exceptional value for over 30 years.
MTU America Inc.
For more than 100 years, the key to our success has been cutting-edge innovation. Our strong heritage in the diesel engine business includes not only Germany's MTU, but also North America's Detroit Diesel - two brands which dominated diesel engine engineering, innovation and manufacturing on their respective continents for most of the 20th Century. Today, MTU America encompasses facilities in eight states and is responsible for engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of diesel engines and systems throughout North and South America.
Nabors Drilling USA, LP
Nabors is involved in every phase of the life of an oil or gas well. This includes well construction, completion, maintenance and ultimately plug and abandonment. To accomplish these most effectively Nabors has developed an organizational structure that optimizes operational efficiency while interfacing most effectively with our customers. The company operates two primary lines of business. Drilling and Rig Services is comprised of the company's drilling operations, rig equipment manufacturing, directional drilling operations and drilling instrumentation and software. Completion and Production Services is comprised of workover and well servicing, fluids management, stimulation, coiled tubing, cementing, wireline and special services.
National Oilwell Varco
Throughout every region in the world and across every area of drilling and production, our family of companies has provided the technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support necessary for success. We have the people, capabilities and vision to serve the needs of a challenging and evolving industry. One the world can't live without.
Newpark Drilling Fluids, LLC
Based in Houston, Newpark Drilling Fluids (NDF) is the largest of the Newpark companies, and has expanded rapidly since its formation in 1997. Newpark has provided drilling fluid products and service excellence to thousands of wells on six continents. A leading provider in the U.S. and Canada, the company credits its rapid growth to its unique approach to customer service and efficiency improvement programs, fostered by a professional staff carefully chosen to mesh with the company's business strategy. Newpark's U.S. service activity averages several hundred rigs, with supply managed through a mature network of dozens of distribution centers. The company is active in the offshore GOM market, including deepwater locations, and in most U.S. areas of drilling activity, including onshore Texas and Louisiana, the Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains and in the many burgeoning unconventional shale plays of North America.
Newpark Mats & Integrated Services, LLC
Newpark Mats and Integrated Services provides leading edge matting solutions and well site construction services to diverse industry segments around the world. Its flagship DURA-BASE® composite matting system enables temporary work sites and access roads, and is the foundation for an effective spill management system. Newpark offers composite mats sales and mat rental services to the oil & gas, utilities, pipeline, construction, military, and entertainment industries. Newpark is the largest, most experienced manufacturer of heavy-duty composite matting systems in the world.
Newpark Resources, Inc.
Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, and serving North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Newpark continues to lead the way in the industry segments we helped pioneer. Newpark Drilling Fluids provides value-added drilling fluids products and services to thousands of wells around the world. Newpark’s drilling fluids solutions, including the high-performance water-based drilling fluid, Evolution®, offer drilling operators eco-friendly solutions to reduce drilling time. Newpark Mats & Integrated Services provides the most advanced, practical and field-proven surface enhancement technologies worldwide.
Oceaneering International, Inc.
Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense, entertainment, and aerospace industries. Oceaneering's business offerings include remotely operated vehicles, built-to-order specialty subsea hardware, deepwater intervention and manned diving services, non-destructive testing and inspection, and engineering and project management.
OFS Energy Fund, LLC
Small Professionally Managed Fund: One of few professionally managed private equity funds focused on small energy service companies Flexibility with regards to structuring transactions and the ability to act quickly Opportunistic approach allows for investment in all junior capital securities from common stock to subordinated debt with warrants Seek to provide creative solutions for business owners in the form of Buyouts, Recapitalizations and Growth Equity investments Ability to invest in excess of $50 million of capital in a single company with Fund and Limited Partner co-investments
OFS Portal LLC
Headquartered in Houston, OFS Portal LLC focuses on helping buyers in the use of industry best practices when digitizing their supply chain, promoting cost-effective approaches in making eCommerce a reality for both buyers and sellers. OFS Portal members include: Baker Hughes, Cameron International, Halliburton, Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Select Energy Services, Trican Well Service, and Weatherford International. Membership is open to any oilfield supplier with activities in the upstream oil and gas sector.
Oil States Energy Services
Oil States Industries
Oil States International, Inc.
At OSES, our people put us head and shoulders above the competition. We are an exceptional team united by shared values - a dedication to serving our customers, a sense of pride in the work we do, and an absolute commitment to safe and environmentally responsible practices. We have recruited 2,000 of the industry's best people- many from major oilfield service companies- and achieved a high retention rate by providing rewarding careers and development opportunities in a culture where people are valued and safety is paramount. With experience in all phases of completions, production and workover, our specialists assist you in selecting the right equipment for the job and engineer solutions that reduce downtime and enhance a successful operation. Our wellsite personnel provide a valuable link in the setup and maintenance of your rental equipment, eliminating costly mistakes and saving you money.
Peak Oilfield Services LLC
PennWell/Oil & Gas Journal
Energy burns at the root of PennWell's history. First printing our flagship publication - the Oil & Gas Journal - in 1902, our petroleum division covers the topics, issues, challenges and solutions most critical to the international petroleum industry. With a network of global events located throughout the world, PennWell collectively reaches more than 135,000 petroleum professionals in 75 countries, providing unparalleled reach of the international petroleum market.
Pink Petro
We are a mission-focused social enterprise disrupting the gender gap using social technology. We unite, connect, develop and grow women in the energy industry, including men in the process. We elevate energy and the talent that powers our world to educate, engage, and activate. • COMMUNITY: We built the only global knowledge sharing platform that connects women in energy in 120 countries in 500+ companies. • CAREER: We bring together niche energy talent and increase representation of women in industry. • COMPETENCY: We host innovative energy and professional development forums and offer hybrid continuing education. mentoring and coaching to build competency. • COMMUNICATION: We elevate energy messages, our talent, and help companies and industry articulate the value proposition.
Pioneer Energy Services
Pioneer Energy Services provides land contract drilling services and production services to independent and major oil and gas exploration and production companies. Pioneer employees are personally dedicated to your success. Equipped with some of the industry's newest equipment, Pioneer people are recognized as trusted partners who always put safety first.
PPHB is an independent boutique investment banking firm which has represented more than 150 oilfield equipment and service clients. Transactions have included sell-side and buy-side advisory for mergers & acquisitions, debt advisory, equity and debt capital raises, and issuance of fairness opinions. The firm provides our clients with proven and likely unmatched investment banking partners, committed to the industry and committed to success.
Premier Pipe
Premier Pipe will serve the Global Oil and Gas industry by providing quality products and services. We will maximize the use of our greatest asset, OUR EMPLOYEES, to provide customer service that meets or exceeds customer requirements on a consistent, reliable, and timely basis. Through a positive Can Do attitude, we strive to be the industry leader in innovation. This will provide our customers and suppliers new, attainable, ideas and processes that will achieve an acceptable rate of return for all companies. We will ethically trade with our customers and suppliers in our pursuit of mutual profitability.
Preng & Associates LLC
Preng & Associates is the world's leading executive search firm totally dedicated to the energy industry. Over our thirty-five years, we have assisted nearly 700 management teams and Boards attain exceptional talent who have delivered long-term value.
PwC focuses on audit and assurance, tax and consulting services. Additionally, in the US, PwC concentrates on 16 key industries and provides targeted services that include - but are not limited to - human resources, deals, forensics, and consulting services. We help resolve complex issues and identify opportunities.
Quintana Energy Services LP
Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
At Raymond James, we know that no two people are the same, so our business has always revolved around the individual. And it always will. We listen to your hopes, work alongside you to achieve your goals and resolutely put you first. In short, we plan well to help you live even better.
Ringers Technologies
Ringers Gloves takes protecting hands personally. Guided by our focus on people, passion, quality, and partnerships our mission is to drive increased hand safety awareness through education that will decrease the number and severity of hand injuries worldwide.
RPC, Inc.
RPC Inc. is an oil and gas services company with numerous service lines well positioned to take advantage of high levels of exploration and production activities. In addition, RPC provides on-going maintenance and emergency services to the oil and gas services industry. The company's capital position also allows it to pursue attractive growth opportunities.
Rubicon Oilfield International
Rubicon is a seasoned team of oilfield service and equipment industry executives in partnership with private equity to build a best-in-class oilfield global oilfield products and equipment company both organically and through acquisitions.
RYCO Energy Solutions, Inc.
S&S Plating Company
S&S Plating/Coating Dynamics is the leading provider of electroplated coatings to the oilfield, power generation and automotive industries. By instituting exceptional service, quality, and turn-around in every project handled, we continue to hold a reputation built on repeat business and lasting relationships.
SCF Partners
We identify sectors within the oilfield services industry that have a long-term growth outlook, partner with entrepreneurial leaders in the field, and work together to build market leading companies. We do this by: 1) Partnering with experienced operational and business owners 2) Assisting them with additional growth through acquisitions 3) Developing these businesses independently until compelling operational reasons exist to combine one or more companies to create a sector leader
Schlumberger is the world's leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. Employing approximately 115,000 people representing over 140 nationalities and working in more than 85 countries, Schlumberger provides the industry's widest range of products and services from exploration through production.
Select Energy Services, LLC
At Select Energy Services, we're dedicated to providing our customers with an arsenal of efficient and environmentally conscious water solutions to service the full life cycle of the well. We accomplish this through the unique capabilities of our three business units- Water Solutions, Well Testing, and Fluid Handling. Select Energy Services is geographically positioned to provide customized solutions to the unique requirements of every basin.
SHALE Oil & Gas Business Magazine
Shale Oil & Gas Business Magazine is a publication that showcases the dynamic impact of the Texas energy industry. The mission of SHALE is to promote economic growth and business opportunities and to further the general understanding of how the energy industry contributes to the economic well-being of Texas and the United States as a whole. Shale’s distribution includes industry leaders and businesses, service workers, entrepreneurs and the public at large.
Sierra Hamilton
Sigma Fasteners, Inc.
Sigma is a manufacturer and distributor of ASTM bolting specified by the American Petroleum Institute. Sigma Distributes standard bolting and manufactures custom bolts to customer specifications and per print following careful details of the latest revisions. We are ISO 9001 2000 certified and are on the approved vendor list of major wellhead manufacturers, energy and petrochemical companies worldwide.
Simmons & Company International
Founded in 1974, Simmons is one of the largest and most experienced independent investment banks specializing in the energy industry, offering M&A advisory, capital markets execution and investment research. With over 170 investment banking, sales & trading, equity research and private equity professionals, the firm’s broad range of coverage spans the entire energy spectrum, including energy services & equipment, exploration & production, midstream and downstream. The average tenure for a managing director at Simmons is in excess of 15 years, and during its 41-year history, Simmons has executed more than 830 strategic advisory transactions, over 330 private and public financings, representing total transaction value of approximately $260 billion. Simmons also manages two private equity funds in the U.K. that specialize in energy. Headquartered in Houston, the firm also has a major presence Aberdeen, as well as offices in London, Dubai and Singapore.
Sivalls, Inc.
Sooner Pipe, LLC
Sooner Pipe, L.L.C. is the leading OCTG distributor and service provider. Sooner's unmatched buying power provides the widest selection of OCTG products at competitive prices, connecting the people who create the world's energy with the supplies they need.With access to all major domestic and international steel mills and utilizing OCTG distribution centers in the United States, Sooner delivers to any location around the globe.
SOR, Inc.
At SOR we listen and respond to the needs of oil and gas producers, power generation plants and nuclear facilities. In the vast majority of cases, these industries require specialized products that are engineered to order to handle unique environmental or hazardous challenges. Even if the pressure, level, flow or temperature product you need doesn't exist or is no longer manufactured, our engineering staff can design a device to solve the problem and our in-house machine shop can build it from scratch.
Spencer Stuart
Spencer Stuart is one of the world's leading executive search consulting firms. Founded in 1956 and privately owned, we are the adviser of choice among organizations seeking guidance and counsel on senior leadership needs. We work with clients across a range of industries, from the world's largest companies to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurial startups and nonprofit organizations.
Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd.
Houston-based Stallion Oilfield Services Ltd. provides total wellsite support, production and logistical services to oil and gas operators nationwide. The company provides all of the ancillary services surrounding the well, so operators and downhole service providers can better focus on getting more from every asset.
Stream-Flo USA LLC
Stream-Flo Industries Ltd. is a privately owned and operated Canadian manufacturer of wellhead and christmas tree equipment, gate valves and check valves. Founded in 1962, the company has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of its kind in Canada and is continually expanding its export activities. Our commitment to core values of unceasingly improving and investing in technology and striving for high standards in our people has made Stream-Flo the successful company it is today.
Stress Engineering and Construction
Stress Engineering Services, Inc.
Since 1972, we have been providing solutions for companies and industries that require in-depth technical knowledge and proven performance in the fields of engineering design and analysis, thermal and fluid sciences, instrumentation, and testing.
Sunbelt Steel
Sunbelt Steel is a value-added steel distributor and service center. As an industry leader for specialty alloy steel bar and heavy wall tubular products, we provide our customers with turnkey, full service solutions to satisfy their complex material requirements. We have one of the largest, most diverse inventories of specialized alloy steel bar. The material stocked is utilized widely by the oil and gas industry as well as many other industries.
Superior Energy Services
Superior Energy Services serves the drilling, completion and production-related needs of oil and gas companies worldwide through a diversified portfolio of specialized oilfield services and equipment that are used throughout the economic life cycle of oil and gas wells. The world's energy producers rely on us for the services, tools, equipment and exceptionally trained personnel needed to develop and produce oil and gas. Superior Energy has a history of developing specialized tools and technologies designed to meet customer needs. In its earliest days, the company pioneered the use of “rigless” plugging and abandonment services. Since then, Superior has been on the leading edge of a number of developments that benefit oil and gas producers throughout the life cycle of the well.
Synergy Energy Holdings
Pipe, Valves, Fittings, Artificial Lift, Sucker Rod Pumps
FMC Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: FTI) is the global market leader in subsea systems and a leading provider of technologies and services to the oil and gas industry. We help our customers overcome their most difficult challenges, such as improving shale and subsea infrastructures and operations to reduce cost, maintain uptime, and maximize oil and gas recovery.
Teledyne Oil & Gas
Teledyne Oil and Gas is an alliance of Teledyne Technologies companies that delivers high-reliability engineered interconnect solutions for power transmission, data transmission and monitoring applications to operators in the oil and gas exploration and production industry.
Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Our mission is to deliver value to our customers through product development, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain management. We seek to minimize risk for our customers and help them reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve time-to-market. Tenaris employees around the world are committed to continuous improvement by sharing knowledge across a single global organization.
Terra Oilfield Solutions
Tesco Corporation
Global leader in design, assembly and service delivery of technology based solutions for the upstream energy industry. The company's product and service offerings consist mainly of equipment sales and services to drilling contractors and exploration and production companies throughout the world.
TETRA Technologies, Inc.
TETRA Technologies, Inc. is a geographically diversified oil and gas services company, focused on completion fluids and associated products and services, water management, frac flowback, production well testing, offshore rig cooling, compression services and equipment, and selected offshore services including well plugging and abandonment, decommissioning, and diving.
Tex-Isle Supply, Inc.
Since 1959, Tex-Isle Supply has been a leading supplier of quality API oil country tubular goods and API line pipe to the oil and gas industry. We understand our customers' needs and offer value in product, procurement, logistics, and special services. Over the last half-century, Tex-Isle has developed lasting partnerships with key manufacturers, and we take the time to assure that they continue to meet the standards that we expect and our customers demand.
TIW Corporation
As a recognized industry leader in completion solutions, TIW Corporation offers a complete line of Liner Hanger Systems, Expandable Liner Systems, Completion Packers, Safety & Kelly Valves and Window Cutting Products. TIW has a long and proud tradition of bringing new and innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry and our products have been utilized in every major producing region of the world. Our highly experienced personnel provide extensive operational knowledge, engineering expertise and are committed to working with our customers to ensure professional, reliable and safe implementation of technologies to meet the challenging environment of today's oil & gas exploration.
Tradequip International
Tradequip is the leading resource for Oilfield Equipment, Drill Pipe, Casing & tubing, Industry Related Products/Services and other energy industry equipment for sale, rent or auction. Our inventory-driven website lists thousands of items for sale or rent from global advertisers that are featured in the print and online editions of Tradequip. Tradequip gives you the most current selection possible of available oilfield equipment inventory and other oil and gas products and services. Tradequip uses a combination of print, digital, social media, trade show and email marketing coverage to bring buyers and sellers together.
Trinidad Drilling Ltd.
Trinidad designs, builds and operates top-performing drilling rigs backed by in-house engineering and manufacturing teams. We're applying advanced technologies to drill deeper, longer wells for energy producers more efficiently than ever before.
Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co. is an integrated investment and merchant bank providing high quality advice and services to the energy industry. The company offers sales and trading, and research coverage on approximately 140 issuers worldwide. The firm’s investment management complex has more than $1.9 billion AUM dedicated to the energy space. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, TPH also has offices in Calgary, Denver, London and New York.
Vallourec Drilling
Vallourec Star
Vallourec Tube Alloy
Vallourec USA Corporation
Vallourec is the world leader in premium tubular solutions primarily serving the energy markets (oil and gas, powergen). Its expertise also extends to the Industry sector (mechanicals, automobile, construction etc.). With over 23,000 employees, integrated manufacturing facilities, advanced R&D and a presence in more than 20 countries, Vallourec offers its customers innovative global solutions to meet the energy challenges of the 21st century.
ValTek Industries, Inc.
Frac pumps and expendables
W-Technology Link
W-Technology Link is an Engineering and Manufacturing company based in Houston, Texas specializing in the design and development of rotatable connectors and down-hole components for the upstream oil and gas industry. We deliver innovative products, specifically tailored solutions and customer support in the area of rotary connectors, centralizers and MWD/Wireline components. W-Technology Link combines quality design and operational agility to offer best-in-class services to our customers. Known for our team's innovative mindset and extensive knowledge covering the applications of our products, our engineering and design team collaborates with customers to develop cost-effective solutions that push the limits of what is possible.
Weatherford International Ltd.
Weatherford supports the sustainable development and production of oil and gas resources, wherever they exist, to ensure the world’s current and future energy needs can be met safely, efficiently and economically. Specializing in innovative formation evaluation techniques, products and services that ensure well integrity and drilling reliability, novel reservoir completion and stimulation technology that optimizes recovery, and the industry’s leading portfolio of artificial lift products and production optimization capabilities, Weatherford develops and applies its specific technology, understanding and expertise to help its customers efficiently develop new resources and maximize recovery from producing reservoirs. Weatherford focuses specifically on reducing customers' costs and risks with competent personnel, reliable products and consistent, safe performance at the well site all of which underpin our credibility as an oil field service company.
Weir Oil & Gas
Wells Fargo Energy Group
Wells Fargo is a provider of banking, mortgage, investing, credit card, insurance, and consumer and commercial financial services.
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